Category: Healthy New Year's Resolutions for Women

I will Take a Proper Balanced Diet

It has been noticed that young women are so much obsessive about being thin that they often starve themselves. On the other hand, older women ignore their diet while taking care of their family, official and social obligations. Experts feel that instead of deprivation one should practice moderation in their diet. One should avoid skipping meals and at the same time should not overindulge themselves. So all you women change your unhealthy food habit and this New Year make a resolution of eating a proper balanced meal.

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I will Go for Regular Exercise

With obesity rising and health issues becoming a matter of concern, this is perhaps the most popular New Year Resolution made by women across the globe. However, it has been noticed that many women fail to carry on with their noble intentions. The reason being that many women keep high targets for themselves. Hence they often get discouraged if they do not see the expected results in as early as a weeks’ or a months’ time. Experts feel that women should make realistic achievable goals for themselves and should remain consistent with their exercise plan. Those who do not find enough time to hit the gym or take up regular exercising should make minor changes in their lifestyles. For instance using stairs instead of lifts or walking a little bit further in the parking lot.

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