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Popular New Year Resolutions

Popular New Year ResolutionsHere are some of the most popular New Year Resolutions taken up by around the world. Ironically, it has been observed that many people fail to keep up their promise and take up the same resolution every year. Nevertheless it should not deter one to take up a resolution, as you never know that this might be your luck year!! So go ahead, get inspired by these popular resolutions for new year and make firm resolution this New Year's Day.

Getting into Shape

Looking better and feeling better is one of the most popular New Year's Resolution taken up by people all over the world. This is because society is becoming obsessive about one's look and overall persona. Slimming down, toning up their bodies, taking up a makeover are some of the most popular promises made by the people.

Getting More Organized

This is another helpful and extremely popular New Year's Day resolution. Under this goal comes the resolution to keep office and home space cleaner so that one is able to locate things more conveniently when they need them. To sleep and wake up early also comes under this as most people are annoyed with their own habit of being late. People also wish to learn better time management skills and get more out of their day and life.

Giving up Smoking / Drinking

This is perhaps the most popular New Year Resolution! The promise ranges from reducing the frequency to quitting up smoking or drinking altogether. Though many succeed, most others fail to keep their promise. Heavy drinkers of tea / coffee or aerated drinks also resolve to keep a check on their habit. The idea behind this resolution is to give up bad habits and start the new year with healthier habits.

Getting / Changing a Job

Rising job opportunities and soaring ambitions is making many a people to resolve to find a new or better job for themselves. Many also make a promise to find an alternative career or start their own business.

Keeping a Check on Expenses & Pay Down Debt

In the materialistic lifestyles of today, many of us live with the guilt of overspending and overindulging ourselves. Hence we see a rise in people who resolve to keep a check on their expenses. While, those living under debt usually resolve to pay down debt and lead a stress-free life.

Buying a House / Renovate / Relocate

Many people make a New Year's Day Resolution of buying a house or any other type of property they have in mind. Others usually plan to do some kind of renovation, buying some new furniture or gadgets and improve their lifestyles.

Finding a Mate

Finding a mate is a popular New Year's Day resolution of those who are single and ready to mingle. While those looking for settling down resolve to get married.

Learning Something New

A popular New Year's Day resolution is to learn something new in the coming year. Many plan to take up higher studies while others wish to take up some vocational courses. Learning computers, a new language, cooking, painting or a musical instrument are some of the other most popular resolutions under this category.

Enjoy More and Travel More

Stressed out with their hectic lifestyles many people make a resolution to travel and enjoy more. On New Year's Day people make a list of places they intend to visit in the new year or fun activities they wish to indulge in. The idea is to relax and reduce stress out of their life.

Spend More Time with Family

In present times, people are often hard pressed for time and often ignore their family. Hence it is seen that many people make a resolution to spend more time with their family and dear ones.

Working on a Hobby

In their daily humdrum of life, lot many people ignore their hobbies. On the New Year's Day many people make a promise to reinvigorate passion for hobbies and make their lives more interesting. Those without a hobby plan to pick up one.

Helping Others / Doing Service to the Society

These days many people make a noble and selfless New Year's Day resolution of helping others. Many also make a promise of joining a social service organization or devote more time to it if already a member. Educating a child or planting a tree is another popular resolution taken up by people on New Year's Day.