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New Year in Spain

Exploring the Way New Year is celebrated in Spain!

New Year in SpainDifferent cultures and different parts of the world have their own way of New Year celebration. In different regions of the world it is known with different names. Like in Spain New Year is called Noche Vieja and it holds a spellbound spectacle. The feeling of an approaching New Year fills your heart with joy and merriment!

The world looks a different place altogether. A brighter light of hope spreads all around. The few days before the New Year and few days after it becomes time of celebration as it shows the beginning and end of the a fresh time ahead. It is the indications of a new beginning keeping aside all the worries and fears from the past and opening your arms to happiness with a new morning. Let’s find out some facts about New Year celebration in Spain.

Some Facts about New Year Celebration in Spain

  • New Year is celebrated all across the world with utmost keenness and with trumpet blast. Spain is one of those locations where people get eccentrically involved in the celebration of New Year.
  • As the New Year starts approaching people start getting themselves in the celebration mood and find out different ways and style of New Year celebration.
  • Same as the most countries do, the December begins with decoration of streets, shops, bars, houses, restaurants. Every nook and corner of the country gets embellished with beautiful colours which ultimately bring in happiness in people’s life.
  • Al the malls and shops include grapes and church bells as one of the decoration items. Spanish people generally like celebrating New Year with their family and friends.
  • Huge feasts are organized as a part of New Year celebration. Besides this, merry making is done by all the members of the family. All the members of the family dress them up in new attire.
  • The New Year celebration starts with a elaborate family dinner which customarily include lamb and turkey. And then people like spending their time with family in front of the T.V. waiting for the clock bell to ring Twelve times.
  • Each of the family members strictly follows the instructions for the party as have been planned beforehand and how they will be eating their grapes.
  • People keep with themselves a set of 12 grapes and as and when the clock hand goes to 12 at midnight and the church bell strikes 12 times, everybody starts eating grapes, one each with the ring of the bell. Traditionally it is believed that people who will be able to eat 12 grapes will have 12 prosperous months in the New Year.
  • Family members and friends come together for the celebration and enjoy fresh wine like Champagne and cava or cider.
  • After the dinner and party and grapes, people get to celebrate at discotheques and pubs till the sun set time. And then in the morning people come together have customary breakfast of fried pastries and hot chocolate which is called con churros.
  • One other custom of New Year celebration in New Year is preparing cake which is prepared in the shape of a ring and gifts and goodies are placed inside it. The cake is distributed among everybody and to whom the goodies goes will be considered to get good luck throughout the year.
  • Fireworks are organized because it is believed that fire and noise repels vice spirits bringing happiness and joy in life.
In Spain, New Year celebration brings out a vivacious atmosphere all across the country!