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New Year in Singapore

How People Celebrate New Year in Singapore?

New Year in SingaporeSingapore is considered to be the heart of New Year celebration for many religions and cultures all across the globe. In Singapore New Year is celebrated with Chinese traditions and customs. New Year is one of the significant festivals for the people here and is also referred to as Spring Festival Chinese New Year. Like in China, New Year in Singapore is celebrated over a span of 15 days.

Facts about New Year Celebration in Singapore

  • New Year is one of the most sought after festivals of Singapore celebrated in accordance with the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and it is celebrated with full zest and dynamism.
  • The festival is also called Chun Jie or Spring Festival. Every member of the family welcomes the festival with heartiness.
  • Feasts are organised for the reunion of the family and friends where people exchange hongbao or red packets which is believed to bring good luck.
  • The craze of New Year celebration is prevalent throughout the country. The markets and streets are festooned gorgeously and exclusive dinners for New Year celebration are organised.
  • Everybody is so much into the celebration mood that they do not mind spending lavishly on food, clothing and decoration items.
  • People start their by cleaning their homes thoroughly which is dome to wash away any ill fortune associated with the family or home and invite wealth and good luck.
  • Red colour is considered as a lucky colour and so is an important part of New Year celebration. People believe from time immemorial that red colour frightens the monster Nian, which is considered to be a Chun Jie monster and it arrives at the New Year time and vanishes homes and crops.
  • The doorways are decorated with Chun lian with special theme s of love, life and longevity.
  • Food that people prefer eating on this day range from chickens to ducks to pigs and some sweet dishes.
  • Children receive money as gift wrapped in a red envelope from their parents after wishing them with a happy and prosperous New Year.
  • This auspicious occasion gives an opportunity to reconcile again forgetting all the grudges and wishing each other happy and peaceful life ahead.
  • The two weeks of the New Year celebration is full of vibrant colours and it keeps you captivated in soaring spirits.
  • On the occasion of New Year Singapore is crowded with both guests and residents and the experience here will keep you enthralled all through your life.