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New Year in New Zealand

The Wonderful New Year Celebration in New Zealand!

New Year in New ZealandNew Zealand being an island country is an ultimate destination for New Year holiday celebration. It is a wonderful country located in the south western part of the Pacific Ocean. Visiting New Zealand makes the time of your New Year celebration an ultimate experience because of the luxuriant greenery and breath taking landscape. It gives an experience of paradise on the earth.

There are some eventual spots in the country where people find pleasure in celebrating their New Year. There is plenty of electrifying outdoor activities which people enjoy and enjoy in participating.

Some General Facts of Celebrating New year in New Zealand

  • New Year is one such occasion of the year when the unique union of present, past and future takes place. People vow on moving ahead in life with special zest learning from the mistakes of the past and crafting a future full of new hopes and positive aspirations.
  • This special occasion is therefore celebrated by the people of New Zealand all together in novel and creative way. People of New Zealand know how to cherish this beautiful moment of the year.
  • Exciting activities like heli fishing, heli biking, tower climbing, jet-boating, mountain biking, sky diving and many more organized in abundance.
  • From street parties to gala celebration is the attraction of the New Year parties. It will be the best part of your life to celebrate New Year in New Zealand.
  • One of the main cities of New Zealand, Aukland, which is situated at a distance of about 496.3 km from the international date line is the first city which observers New Year.
  • Gisborne on the other hand is the city which experiences the rising of the sun on New Year.
  • Many firework displays, street carnivals and parties are organized by local councils.
  • Even though in many parts of the country liquor has been banned because of the many anti-social behaviour and vandalism, New Year celebration has not lost its vehemence.
  • A large number of nightclubs and pubs at every other corner of the city in New Zealand give an opportunity to people for singing and dancing with the tunes of their favourite numbers.

This is the time of the year when people come together to make new aspirations and hopes and saying goodbye to the nasty incidents of the past.