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New Year in Italy

Discovering the Ecstasy of New Year Celebration in Italy!

New Year in ItalyEven the stars like Jon Bon Jovi, Nicholas Cage and Vin diesel love spending their time at their lovely home, Italy at the time of New Year and so you will not find them at their work place. Celebrating this special day of the year in this romantic place is such a rejuvenating experience.

This place provides you many beautiful moments worth remembering. Every place in Italy has something special to offer and New Year is celebrated with vivacity and special gusto.

Some Facts Related to New Year Celebration in Italy

  • The ambience around the cities of Italy creates an ambience of joviality which has the potency to keep you involved in its magnetic aura.
  • All the cities of Italy from Naples, Rome or Venice has something special to offer and make you New Year a day to be remembered forever.
  • Italians call 31st December as “La Festa di San Silvestro” and 1st January or the New Year day is known as “Capodanno”.
  • Traditionally, New Year is celebrated with family and friends by organizing copious extensive meal which includes Zampone, lentils and cotechino. These dishes have their own implication and are particularly speciality of some region.
  • Lentil is the most significant of all these dishes which is believed to invite prosperity and fortune in the New Year.
  • Including Zampone, a stuffed pig in the New Year menu is considered to bring wealth in the New Year. Cotechino is prepared in most parts of Italy.
  • After the feast party people come on the streets to dance and enjoy the festivity around the city. Streets are full of fireworks displays and bonfires which keep on glowing for almost the whole night. People love dancing with the local hymns and music.
  • In cities located near rivers or lakes on the coastal areas, you will find beautiful display of ships and boats. You will hardly find such beautiful sight at any other place.
  • Special Italian wines, prosecco or spumante and champagnes are opened on New Year’s Day. People bid farewell to the old year and warm welcome to New Year by remaining awake the whole night.
  • One of the traditional ways of celebration is throwing outdated things from the window saying that you are ready with new spirits to accept new things in your life.
  • On New Year some games such as Tombola and others are played in different parts of Italy.