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New Year in Canada

Knowing the Joy of New Year Celebration in Canada!

New Year in CanadaIn Canada, New Year is celebrated with same fervour as all across the world. It is considered as a Social holiday in Canada. People welcome this day with funky midnight party celebration shaking their booty on some fast tracks.

People from all across the world visit some very famous places like Taranto and Montreal of the country where many fireworks and dance shows are organized. Several hamlet programmes like magic shows, sports event and music shows are organized all across the country. At some places in Canada people celebrate New Year by catching fish by making hole in ice and they drink and enjoy the whole night of 31st of December.

Facts related to New Year celebration in Canada

  • Some people plan vacations on New Year in Canada while some participate in skiing, snowboarding, and some important winter sports of Canada.
  • Many people say good bye to the old year, at some social gathering of family and friends.
  • Stunning fireworks along with dance and music shows elucidate the whole region. Most of the part of the country is embellished with colourful and eye-catching lights.
  • This is the part of the year when you will find most of the clubs, bars and hotels packed with visitors.
  • Besides all this, there are several other traditions associated with New Year celebration. People of all ages in some parts of Canada, do polar bear swimming which is considered to bring prosperity and luck.
  • In Canada it is a tradition to clap loudly at night, which is done to get rid of any wicked spirit in the house.
  • At some places people believe that kissing each other at the midnight of the New Year day, will develop gracious relationship.
  • Taking back-eyed pea soup on the day of New Year is also one of the traditions which is followed by most part of the Canada.
  • Most people greet each other by exchanging gifts which is one of the enticing ways to show your love and affection to your near and dear ones.
  • Canada follows the Gregorian calendar and so 1st January is celebrated as the New Year day.
  • It is a legislative holiday in Canada and if this day falls on Sunday or Saturday, then 2nd or 3rd January is made the holiday. In the Quebec province of Canada 2nd January is also a constitutional holiday.
  • In Canada, fireworks are one significant symbols of New Year celebration which indicates the commencement of fresh year on a positive note.
  • New Year’s symbol of Canada includes images consisting of winter landscape, New Year fireworks, winter sports and Champagne bottles.