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New Year Drinks

Delight Your Guests with Homemade Drinks this New Year!

New Year DrinksA party without drinks cannot be considered complete. It is one of those occasions when people forget to count on the number of pegs they already have galloped. While there is an option to bring drinks from stores, you can always have some lovely ideas to delight your guests by preparing some drinks at home. The kind of drink you serve to your guests silently utter to your guests how much pan you actually have taken for making this New Year party at your place a wonderful experience. One most important thing that you always need to keep in mind is that your guest will be driving back home after the party, so make sure that the drinks you are going to serve to your guest is not too much alcoholic. Here are some drinks you can prepare at your home for a blasting New Year party:

Non Alcoholic drinks for children

Ginger Ale


  • Two cups of fresh Ginger, it should be thickly chopped and peeled.
  • Three strips of lemon peel.
  • Half cup Sugar.
  • Three quarts Club Soda which should be chilled.
  • Few Ice cubes.


  • In a small pan take few strips of Lemon peel and fresh ginger and add four cups of water into the pan.
  • Heat the pan till the water in the pan starts boiling. Gradually reduce the flame and boil it for around ten minutes.
  • Add some sugar to the pan and again boil it till the four cup reduces to three cups on evaporation that is for around 15 minutes more.
  • Let this mixture pass through a fine wire strainer which is set over and above a small bowl.
  • In the process you can either dispose of the left over peel or preserve it for another use.
  • Let this syrup cool at room temperature.
  • Cover the syrup and get it refrigerated.
  • Now your drink is ready to be served.

Meekly alcoholic drink

Pina Colada


  • White Rum, two shots
  • Pineapple juice, four shots
  • Cream, one shot
  • Coconut Cream, 1 shot


  • Mix all the above ingredients together.
  • Add some crushed ice into the mixture thus formed.
  • The drink is ready to be served.

It is one of the simplest of all the drinks which you can prepare at your home.

Blue Lagoon


  • Vodka, two shots
  • Dey Kuyper Blue Curacao, two shots
  • Lemonade


  • Mix Dey Kuyper Blue Curacao with vodka in a glass containing some ice.
  • Now, fill the glass with lemonade.
  • Add a slice of lime to decorate your drink.
  • You can now serve the drink to your guest.

You can increase or decrease the proportion of alcohol according to the taste and preference of your guest.

Creamsicle Fizz


  • Half cup Ice
  • Sugar
  • 1 cup Vanilla Vodka
  • One cup blood orange juice
  • Champagne
  • Cava
  • One orange slice


  • Brim the Champagne tumbler with sugar.
  • Fill up the cocktail shaker with vanilla vodka, blood orange juice and ice.
  • Shake the mixture into the tumbler.

Decorate the drink with orange slice and serve.