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New Year Cruise

New Year CruiseThere is a growing fascination amongst people to celebrate New Year in Cruise. A few years back, this craze was restricted to the elite moneyed section of the society who wished to celebrate New Year in style and class. In present times however, the scenario has changed. Today, a wide range of cruise tours are available and people of any wallet size can chose to celebrate their New Year in style on a cruise. The phenomena of cruise tours on New Year's Day is not just restricted to the western world. People from Asia are enjoying them either in their own countries or by taking a tour in the more popular ones in US and other western countries.

Attractions of New Year Celebrations in Cruise

The New Year Cruise ship have become ultra modern today. They boasts of luxury suites, spas, five star restaurants and more. Some even offer Jacuzzi tubs and ballroom dancing for those looking for a romantic sojourn.

While in some places New Year Cruise provide an adventurous five days or week long trips. Some also provide a fun-filled five-hours-long tours that begin on the New Year's Eve evening and continue a little after midnight, thereby providing an opportunity to have a scintillating New Year eve bash.

What pulls party lovers to cruise is the opportunity to dance and drink with people in the backdrop of water. To make it even more interesting, many cruise organize theme parties. Some larger cruise with two floors offer dual theme facility. So there could be one theme on the first and an entirely different theme on the second floor. Spectacular fire works show organized by many cruise companies further pull the party lovers towards them.

Popular New Year Cruise Destinations

Here is brief description of some of the most popular New York Cruise destinations from across the world.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge is world famous for its out of the world cruise tours. Central attraction of the trip is the scintillating fireworks show. The Harbour of Lights Parade adds to the attraction as cruise boats covered in fairy lights cruise the centre of the harbour all night. A large number of international tourist flock Sydney Harbor Bridge on the New Year's eve to enjoy the spectacular show.

The United States of America boasts of an extensive range of cruise options. One of the popular cruising destinations is the Boston Harbor. New Year cruise from New York too are hot favorite of tourists.

Hong Kong
Christmas and New Year Cruise has become popular in Hong Kong. The breath taking vistas of rural areas mesmerizes people making it the most enjoyable trip for them. The country is becoming a favorite destination of foreign tourists looking for a pleasurable New Year cruise tour.

Hawaii is the preferred choice of people looking for an exotic cruise tour. This warmer island destination enchants people with its unique traditions and customs.

How to Select a Perfect New Year Cruise?

In case you have set your mind and heart on celebrating New Year on a cruise, the next step is to decide and book a cruise. Today, there are so many options available that one often gets confused and find it extremely hard to plan a perfect trip. In case you are finding yourself in such a dilemma here are some tips on selecting a perfect New Year Cruise just for you.

  • First check who will accompany you on the trip. Your decision could vary depending on whether your a planning a trip with your family, friends or a romantic trip with your sweetheart. You need to base your decision depending on their idea of a perfect holiday.
  • Check your budget as there is a wide range of cruise offering different types of facilities.
  • Decide on the duration of cruise you require. It could vary from two weeks to two hours.
  • Search the web for various options.
  • Zero in on the destination of your choice. Typically, the port of departure determines the choice of destinations.
  • Think of the facilities you are looking forward to and what kind of ship you want to travel in.
  • Bon voyage!