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Chinese New Year

Different Aspects of New Year Celebration in China

Chinese New YearIn China New Year lasts for a total of around 15 days unlike in many other countries. Chinese people celebrate New Year with their family and friends. In many parts of China it is also called Chinese New Year.

There is an atmosphere of celebration and festivity. Red is considered to be an auspicious colour in China and so people distribute sweets in red packets to their near and dear ones. New Year in China is also manifested by firework displays, dancing and feasting. The famous Dragon and Lion dances are displayed on the occasion. The firsts seven days of the whole span of 15 days of New Year celebration is considered to be very important for the Chinese people, which they rejoice celebrating with the family and friends.

Some Important facts about New Year celebration in China

  • A convoluted ceremonial dinner party is organized in China on the occasion of New Year which is done to pay tribute to all those ancestors in the family who have passed away.
  • The feast prepare on the day traditionally includes food items like noodles, rice, chicken and fish. The Noodles cooked on the day is believed to be a symbol of long life provided it is not cut.
  • Any food item prepared on the day should not include White colour because white colour in China is considered a symbol of bringing bad luck and it may bring death in the family.
  • Rice is served with chicken and other food items. Besides this, rice is also taken as a dessert in China on the occasion of New Year.
  • “Jai”, it is a traditional vegetarian food in China, which is prepared by the entire household in China on the occasion of New Year. Jai is an amalgamation of lotus seeds, bamboo, fibrous roots etc. and it is a sign of profusion and prosperity.
  • The celebration of New Year in China gets started with visit to the friends and family home and expressing wishing them good luck on the beginning of a New Year and a new life.
  • All the family members enthusiastically and passionately participate in the celebration.
  • The merriment o0f the festival ends on 15th, that is the last day of the celebration and this day is celebrated by organizing a Lantern Festival. This day is very much enjoyed by children. Kids along with the other members of the family visit each other’s place very excitedly, carrying colourfully decorated lantern.
  • New Year in China falls on different dates every year. This phenomenon is connected with the fact that the calendar in China is based on the combination of movement of both the solar and lunar cycles.
  • Most of the times it is found that Chinese are very parsimonious, but during the times of New Year celebration they look very much open-handed and they buy gifts and new clothes for each other.

The New Year celebration in China is specifically celebrated to show gratitude to friends and family and most importantly to God for being kind enough for giving a beautiful year that has already passed and for celebrating for a yet again cheerful year ahead!